The pursuit of short-term strategies and objectives has become endemic in the business world. Regrettably, this propensity to focus on the short term (including short term profits / the monthly or quarterly bottom line) is also to be found in the risk management field. It is obvious that a short-term focus on strategy would, ipso facto, impact on the risk management ethos of a business. …read more

If we like it or not, but the past (history) confines the future. By not studying History, our voyage would be in the dark. Although the future is undetermined, and open to change and new designs, the past is not (except for the interpretation of it – but let me not go down that rabbit hole for now). And though it is important to create a preferred future (whatever the normative goal might be), history will narrow down our choices (the restraining role of history is also called the “weight of history”)….read more

The “build or buy” dilemma continues to perplex decision makers concerned with tooling up the business with IT application solutions….read more

A quantity surveyor or QS is a respected professional who consults on projects ranging from the development of office blocks…read more

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