Futura International opened its doors for business in 2021, with one goal in mind – we did not want to say the same things as everyone else.

“Futura” is the Latin for “the future” – meaning that we are a future-orientated business (as typified by our slogan, “Secure the Future”). Although the tagline can be interpreted in a narrow and literal sense (e.g. by securing a client’s IT systems or improving their governance controls), we also provide future research services, by assisting clients to secure their futures by gaining foresight about and aligning their strategies with the future. Futura International is local but can assist clients with multi-national activities; hence the “International” in our name.
Our purpose is far higher than emulating yet another Management Advisory firm. We want our clients to feel excited over the future, and to understand why they should feel that way.

The gap

Before we sat down to lay the foundation on which our business stands, we interviewed business people. We involved businessmen and company leaders from all walks of life, covering a broad spectrum of product offerings and services. We asked them to tell us how they perceived Strategic, Financial, IT, Operational and Marketing agencies, in general.
The data gathered pointed to a negative impression in two areas, and for two main reasons:
  • Businesses reported that a disparity exists between the expense incurred to consult, compared with the quality of the service provided them.
  • Most participants experienced a lack of personalised expertise in relation to their particular pain points, their industries, fears and their aspirations.

The solution

It did not take us long to realise that these impressions stemmed from a generalised one-size-fits-all approach. And that simply does not work, because each and every business, whether big or small, has a unique set of needs.
We niched in, to leverage foresight as the basis from which each case is evaluated and built. We have explained what it is (please see our homepage), and how planning from a futures perspective allows us to look at risk management, opportunity management and profit gains through a sharp lens.
Founder and futurist, Michiel Jonker, puts it this way: “There is a reason why humans talk about risk management, and not opportunity management. We are hard-wired to think in terms of risk, first…there is a better way than simply pulling back and cutting expenses when we should actively be looking for opportunities, in both good times and bad.”

Michiel Jonker

Michiel Jonker has spent more than 20 years as a business and digital foresight and governance advisor. As a former director and partner with two multi-national audit and advisory firms, Michiel led and directed numerous projects within all sectors: cybersecurity initiatives and reviews, IT audits, corporate governance reviews, IT security and privacy reviews, policy assessments / Implementation, business risk strategy formulation, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, business process reviews and strategic advice services.


He has had a direct involvement with both private (listed and non-listed) organisations across a variety of different industries, as well as the public sector. Listed, are the industries which he has served: The financial sector (incl. banking and insurance); e-commerce, IT, retail, property, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, tourism, mining, marketing, professional services.


Michiel holds a number of academic qualifications. His lifelong interest in specialised areas of academia aligns with a practical drive that marks him as both a problem-solver and a forward-thinker.
He is the recipient of the following qualifications: MPhil (Future studies) Cum Laude, BA (Political science), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE), Diploma (IT auditing), Diploma (Advanced IT auditing)

Presentations and publications

He is also a regular public speaker, covering a range of topics, including, but not limited to cybersecurity and data privacy. He has presented for ITWeb security, ISACA, SAICA, the IIA as well as the Finland institute for futures research.
He is available to lead both conferences and events. Among his speaking engagements, are radio interviews with 702’s John Robbie, PowerFM, and  Radio Sonder Grense. He has produced articles for the Financial Mail, and has featured as a guest on Africa Business Today TV and e.TV (Moneyline).
Michiel has also authored a book, entitled: ‘Survival Kit for Small and Medium Businesses, currently available on Amazon.

Professional memberships

Professional Memberships:
  • Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)
  • Institute of Directors SA

We can assist you

When asked who his ideal client is, his answer echoes his sentiments: ‘Whoever is passionate about his or her business – to grow it and take it beyond risk by identifying latent opportunities. No matter how big or small, listed or unlisted, we are all part of the economic ecosystem.’
Michiel believes in consulting with each and every one of his clients personally. Please contact him to discuss your needs.